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How long can your cat be left alone?

A lot of people tell us their cats are extremely independent, so they can fend on there own for a couple of days. A good question to ask is how long can your cat, really, be left alone? Cats are independent, yes, but they still require a few things to be happy and healthy. Cats shouldn't be left alone for more than 24 hours; even that pushes the envelope in our eyes. Here you'll learn reasons why cats shouldn't be left alone and solutions while you're away.

Cats need mental stimulation & social interaction.

More importantly though, when they don't get that mental stimulation, they become bored. This tends to turn on their mischievous side which can cause trouble for furniture, but even more worrisome, can make them wonder what is inside that small crevice they will eventually get stuck in.

We want to eliminate your cat getting hurt or stuck somewhere they can't get out of.

Pet Care Options


Cat Boarding is a strong option if you are in a pinch and your cat(s) are up-to-date on their vaccinations. Keep in mind however, cat boarding can stressful for your kitty. Some of the pet hotels offer a kennel with their litter box, food, and water, where they stay locked up until you come home. For a more glamorous option, you may find a boarder that offers a full room of toys and cat trees for your cat to scratch. Tip: Make sure they are up-to-date with vaccinations before booking, as they should be protected from other animals and most boarders make this a requirement.

Pet Sitter

Another option is to hire a sitter! This allows your pet to be stress-free in their own environment. Pet sitters give you the peace of mind that your cat is comfortable at home. Some pet services, like Pets Domain ATX, actually send photos periodically for visual proof your cat (and home) are a-okay. If you have a cat that does need extra care, you have the flexibility of scheduling two or three play dates a day. We stay on your kitty's schedule. This also gives time for socialization and mental stimulation, so your couch doesn't get scratched to bits or you arrive home to find your cat wedged between the fridge and the wall.

Ask a Friend

This is a very affordable option that will leave you feeling relaxed while you're away! This may get complicated if your friends have allergies or other pets at home that are territorial, and cannot visit your home personally at least once a day. Or they may have no pets and not feel comfortable in the event of an emergency!

Things to keep in mind...

All that truly matters is that your cat is taken care of . Whether you get a sitter or not, here are a few things to keep in mind when your cat is alone...

Baby Proofing for your Fur Baby

Baby Proof your home. Now it doesn’t have to be drastic, but notice the little things that will help make your home more cat-friendly. For instance, hid all wires from plain sight.

Also, make sure small, sharp objects are put away. We recommend placing their favorite toys out and/or a scratching post for them to get their jollies with their free time.

Clean Litter Box

Clean the litter box. This may seem simple, but making sure the litter box is nice and clean before you leave.

Water, Plants, and Light

Even if you've scheduled a sitter, the water in your pets bowl can evaporate or go too quickly. It's always a good suggestion to invest in a water dispenser to keep your cat hydrated in between check-ins.

No need to panic on this next tip, but most house plants are poisonous to cats. During your trip, we always recommend moving your houseplants to a separate room, so they don’t get accidentally chewed on.

(Besides the room the houseplants are in) Another idea is to prop open other doors so your cat doesn’t accidentally close a door behind him, leaving them unable to get to water/food/litter box! This can easily be done with furniture or other solid items.

Investing in a nightlight and keeping the blinds up allows your cat to feel safer at night. Although they are better at seeing in low-light versus us ''hoomans,'' a small light helps them to better understand their surroundings. Also, keeping the blinds up during the day will provide mental stimulation.

With Pets Domain ATX, we keep your vets' information on file, but don’t forget to leave your vets' contact information on the fridge or somewhere easily accessible. In case of an emergency, having this information will allow for your petsitter to easily handle an emergency.

These are a few things to keep in mind when you are planning your trip away. It may seem like a lot, but in reality, these are very easy things to consider. At Pets Domain ATX, we know pets are family and we only want what’s best for them.

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