A 1-hour+ walk and pampering bath, including ear cleaning.

Available Monday-Friday only.

Walk n' Wash

dog bath

$50.00 - $60.00


Like Uber, but for your pet. We can give your pets a ride to the vet, groomer, day care or wherever they need to go!

Time is pro-rated for what is used while pet is in the vehicle. $10 surcharge if destination is out of our service area.

Pet Taxi

pets domain atx pet taxi



If you would like your pet to be a part of your wedding or other special event, we can be their Plus One! Usually combined with Pet Taxi to transport your pet to the event, and then staying as long as you need us for onsite handling during the ceremony, pictures, etc. Contact us for more details.

Time is pro-rated for what is used, minimum of 1 hour.

Wedding Pet Chaperone

pet wedding attendant chaperone



Is Fido or Fifi out of food? Don't worry about making the extra stop on the way home, we will have it waiting for you when you arrive. Contact us for pricing.

Food Delivery

hungry cat

Contact Us


Is your pet pulling or backing out of their collar/harness? Let us fix that for you! Walking should be fun and safe for all parties. With a custom harness fitting and equipment consultation, we prescribe the best equipment for your specific pet and their needs.

Custom Harness Fitting & Equipment Consultation

freedom harness fitting