5 Frozen Homemade Treats Your Dog Will Love!

We all love a good cold treat in the summer, and so do our pups! However, ice cream for humans contains high levels of sugar and lactose which aren't good for our canine companions. Making homemade frozen treats for your dog can be cost effective and allows your to control the ingredients given to your pet. These treats are simple and easy, fun to make, and of course super tasty for your pooch. Here are 5 quick and easy recipes for homemade frozen treats for your dog: Just mix all ingredients by hand in a bowl or in a blender, pour into a mold and freeze until solid. >TIPS< Yogurt can be substituted with coconut or soy yogurt for highly lactose sensitive dogs. Instead of using wooden sticks

10 Ways To Help Pet Separation Anxiety After Quarantine

Although we all having been loving our time at home with our pets, we have to think about what it will be like for them suddenly being alone again after having us around non-stop for months. Some dogs who were normally fine being alone may develop some signs of separation anxiety. Here are a few tips to help your pets cope with your absence once you return to the office. 1) Having a separate "alone time area" While you're still at home with your pet, give them some space to themselves to have come cozy alone time, this could be a crate or separate room to make them comfortable being alone again. 2) Take walks without your dog Another way to be proactive during quarantine is taking walks with

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