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Recommended Leashes & Harnesses

Your pet’s safety and comfort is our top priority here at Pets Domain. Walks are meant to be fun for both you and your furry friend, and with the proper walking equipment this can be attained. Below is some of our favorite walking gear to help ensure that each and every walk is as smooth and comfortable as possible.


If your dog is already great at walking on a leash and you prefer them to wear a collar, we recommend the Martingale collar. This ensures that even the toughest pullers or nervous pups will not be able to slip or wiggle out of their walking gear. These collars allow for more control when walking, without a choking effect. These are recommended for dogs that already know how to walk on leash. Even though they are milder than a choke chain, if the dog is a puller, it should be noted that this collar can possibly damage their throat.


If your dog loves to pull, traditional harnesses can sometimes encourage this behavior, so we love and recommend a front lead harness instead. With the front lead harness, if your dog pulls more than they should, it will lead them towards the side instead of directly forward. This allows for you, the owner, to have more control of the walk in a healthy manner. Teaching your dog not to pull can be accomplished through leadership and the correct walking equipment. We recommend the Easy Walk and SENSE-ation for front lead harnesses. If they are hard to control, very nervous, or strong pullers, the Freedom Harness allows for you to clip on to the back and chest for even more control while still leaving Fido comfortable. Two points of contacts (the back and chest) eliminates too much twisting which may cause injury or discomfort.

If you have questions about which option is best for your fur baby, contact us for a consultation.


Durability is key and rope leashes are preferred, because they are easy to get a good grip and handle on. Regular flat nylon leashes can be used as well, as long as there are no tears or frayed edges. However, dogs who get excited and want to run after animals such as squirrels, a flat nylon leash can burn your hands if pulled too quickly. The Flexi leads, or retractable leashes will never be used on our walks, for safety reasons. When walking your dog and training them to walk properly on a leash, Flexi leads train dogs to pull and tug more when they want to go further. This is not the proper equipment for leash training and/or leash walking.

There are so many different options out there, but from our experience these are our favorite pieces of equipment to walk dogs from the expert leash walker to the mighty puller. Walks are meant to be a fun experience for everyone, and the right equipment can help ensure that.

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