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About Us

Pets Domain is a premium in-home pet care company servicing the Domain and the surrounding neighborhoods North Austin.  We offer dog walking, pet sitting, cat sitting, and pocket pet care.

We are a locally owned small business that has been operating in the Domain since 2015.  Our staff members are background checked, and certified by the Red Cross for cat and dog first aid.

Pets Domain offers all inclusive pet care.  We do not charge extra fees for late nights, early mornings, medication administration, or emergency supplies pickup. 

Our Story

Pets Domain was founded by Allison Muggli. She had a passion to make in-home pet care accessible after searching for in-home care for her rescue pup.  In May of 2023, Keelin Choi purchased Pets Domain and continues to increase awareness for the benefits of in-home pet care. 


In-home pet care has made care possible for anxiety prone pets, senior pets, and pets that do not enjoy the company of other animals.  In-home care also saves pet owners time as there is no drop off or pick up to schedule.  Pets Domain works 7 days a week 365 days a year to ensure that pet owners can get care whenever they need it.  


Pets Domain is also passionate about improving pet care workers industry standards. The cost that pet owners pay for pet care is not often passed down to the pet care workers.  Pets Domain pays their staff a fair wage and ensures that their hard work is recognized.  Pets Domain hopes to encourage other pet care companies to pay their employees fairly and generously

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