Services for when clients are in-town

$22.00 - $27.00


Our normal 30-minute solo visit gives Fido time to take a nice walk, have a potty break, and get in some playtime with lots of love and belly rubs. If needed, meals can also be served. Price includes 30-minute for up to two pets in the same family.

Solo Walk

$37.00 - $42.00


If your pup needs a little extra time and exercise, a one hour solo visit will give them time to go to a dog park to play or go for a long walk around the Domain. Meals can be served if needed. Price includes 60-minutes for up to two pets in the same family.

Explorer Walk



Have a busy day at work and can't get home to let your pup out? We're just around the corner and will let your baby out to get some relief. Includes short walk and some loving affection for up to 2 pets. Unfortunately, due to the tight scheduling, we are unable to provide this service to clients outside of the Domain.

Potty Break



Book 3 or more walks each week, book a month at a time and pay in advance.

Weekly Walkies Package

$42.00 - $47.00


If Fido has a lot of energy or is an adventurer at heart, the hike & play allows them to get all the excess energy out and prepares them for a cozy nap. An outdoor field trip to the greenbelt for 1-2 hours of hiking. Price includes pick up and drop off (2-3 hours total).

Half Day Hike & Play