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Valentines Day with your Dog!


At Pets Domain ATX we LOVE your pets like they're our own! This makes us different from other walkers and pet sitters in North Austin, because every pet that we service, becomes part of our family. Pets are our passion and we take their needs as serious as our own. We are there with tender loving care every time we meet with your pet, building a true bond and relationship with your animal.

Here are our 5 favorite ways to show your pet a little extra love this Valentines day! If you have to work and still want them to get some extra love, think about signing up for our Hike & Play service! (Must be in our service area.)

5 ways to show your dog how much you love them

1. Take Them on a Date

Take Fido somewhere new! Try a new park or a new type of landscape to let your dog roam! If you haven't taken your dog to the beach, this would be the perfect time for them to get their paws in the sand. Don't forget to take a video of the initial reaction of sand as they make their way through it with the expression like, "What is this..."

If you are in Austin and don't want to go far out to a beach, stay local! Take them to a new dog friendly spot instead! Pretty much every restaurant at Domain NORTHSIDE offers a dog friendly patio.

2. Get them a PupCake!

Stop by Sprinkles in Domain NORTHSIDE. There you can get a cupcake for yourself and a PupCake for your furry friend! Don't forget to take a photo of your sweet treats!

3. Valentines Day Photo Shoot:

Take photos together! Shower them with a valentines day bandana from the French and I or a new outfit at Phydeux and Friends, to make the photos even more memorable. You can do this with selfies, a tripod, or splurge on a professional pet photographer. Either way you'll have photos to look back and memories to cherish.

4. Surprise your Dog with a New Bed:

Make your dog super comfortable, with a posh new bed this Valentines day! You can add to the decor of your home with a chesterfield dog bed or something more modern.

5. Make Dinner:

Make a luxurious meal for your dog. Although in 'hoo-man' terms, it may taste plain, cooking for your dog will make them feel so loved and special, especially if they are food driven. Try out this homemade dog food recipe from Damn Delicious, and see what Fido thinks of it!

We hope you and your Pal have a great holiday! Tag us in any photos on Instagram, @petsdomainatx, so we can see how cute and happy your pet is this Valentines Day!

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