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10 Ways To Help Pet Separation Anxiety After Quarantine

Although we all having been loving our time at home with our pets, we have to think about what it will be like for them suddenly being alone again after having us around non-stop for months. Some dogs who were normally fine being alone may develop some signs of separation anxiety. Here are a few tips to help your pets cope with your absence once you return to the office.

1) Having a separate "alone time area"

While you're still at home with your pet, give them some space to themselves to have come cozy alone time, this could be a crate or separate room to make them comfortable being alone again.

2) Take walks without your dog

Another way to be proactive during quarantine is taking walks without your pet or leaving for short periods of time throughout your day to get them used to you leaving again.

3) Probiotics

Giving your pet probiotics will help with digestive issues caused by stress and anxiety. If you're interested in more information on giving your pet probiotics, here's a useful article.

4) Exercise

Taking your pet on long walks or having play time will wear them out and they will be calmer when you're away. At Pets Domain we offer Hike and Plays a couple times a week for a variety of physical and mental stimulation.

5) Leaving music/tv on

Having the tv on or music playing while you're gone will help your pet from being startled from outside noises and is a good distraction to keep your pet entertained.

6) Camera

If you're worried about your animal while you're not home, getting a puppy cam can help ease your mind. Some pet cameras, like Furbo can also periodically give your animal treats, giving your animal positive reinforcements for being calm and alone.

7) Kong toy stuffed with treats

Giving your dog a Kong stuffed with a tasty treat when you leave, associates you leaving with something positive and gives them a great distraction. Putting the Kong in the freezer will help to make the treat last even longer! Check out some recipes from Kong here. Join the Canine Enrichment group on Facebook for some great tips on other enriching distractions for your pup.

8) Comfort vest

Products such as ThunderShirt are made to apply a gentle constant pressure on the dog or cats torso which releases a calming hormone, similar to swaddling an infant or giving a hug.

9) Pheromone products

Calming pheromones are made to mimic natural cat or dog pheromones that they release to comfort their puppies and kittens. These animal pheromone products are used to ease stress and anxiety with animals, and come in many different forms like spray, diffusers, wipes, and collars under the brand names Feliway for cats and D.A.P. (Dog Appeasing Pheromones) Comfort Zone for dogs.

10) Hire a reliable dog walker (i.e. Pets Domain ATX)

Hiring a dog walker can be beneficial in many ways. It can keep your dog on a normal schedule and can gradually increase the time they're left alone. It also helps them get some exercise and mental stimulation throughout the day, not to mention they make a new friend who gives them love and attention while you're away.

We will all miss our pets when we head back to work full time, and they will miss us too! Take these tips into consideration while quarantine wraps up so your fur family will have an easier transition.

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